BJF Logistics
BJF Logistics


Till 2018, BJF has more than 10,000 customers and up to 1,000 of industries. Our unremitting efforts and customer support are the great driving force for the development of BJF.

YEAR 2018 , Bangladesh National Grid Project (processing).

YEAR 2017, Pakistan Air Project.

YEAR 2017, China DaTang Project.

YEAR 2017, Dubai Project.

YEAR 2017, ZOOMLION Project.


SINCE 2002 contract with first Project still now.


  BJF international logistics will be based on the existing customer base on extensive cooperation with overseas agents, to jointly develop more potential customers through a combination of our services, including delivery, packing, warehousing, customs clearance, delivery and other logistics services for customers. In speed, both efficiency and knowledge of the new economic area, the application of network information technology is the key to business success, and is now committed to the continued development of  IT platform, more perfect operating system to ensure our service standardization, systematization and standardization, timely tracking the situation, provide feedback information better, to provide convenient, efficient and high-quality services to customers. 

  We firmly believe that the development of the international logistics will be accompanied by the growing strength of China's transportation industry and the strong support of our partners to the rapid, stable, sustained and healthy development of the road. At the same time, as long as we always adhere to the "customer first, service first" management philosophy, through the efforts of our service level will go up to a new level, to the quality of service as a link, to meet friends from all corners of the country, and eventually become the international advanced management concept of first-class logistics enterprises.


  "We focus, that we professional" is BJF's motto that support us keeping move on. 

  So far, BJF has more than 10,000 partners, company scope up to 1,000. The following are our some co-operative customers.



Basic INFO:

-since 2002

-Company Nature: Corp(changing..)

-Trailer: 23

Other Certificate:

-ISO 9001 


-Member of Tianjin International Logistics Society

-JC Member 

Logistics Guarantee Company:

-HuaTai Insurance Group

Excellent Professional Talent Logistics Service Provider

  Baojie Forwarding Co., Ltd (BJF) is a wholly Chinese owned company and our history dates back to 1992 when we

operated as an Adelaide based customs and forwarding agent. We became 1st level national agency at 2002 in China.

  Also BJF began acquiring independent China Freight Forwarders and Customs Brokers in the same year, and

completed the north seaboard network of offices and logistics warehouses in Tianjin.

  Our management team consists of long term Industry professionals who have worked across all disciplines of import,

export, land transport, Bulk cargo services, warehousing and customs brokerage; bringing together over 20 years of

industry experience. We are proud of our professional and experienced staff and can boast that our staff turnover is

minimal. We believe in people being the key ingredient to successful business development and customer


  BJF has a team of experienced licensed Customs Brokers operating around Tianjin, especially on complex Customs

clearance someone who cannot handle, additionally our software systems enables us to process shipments and

clearances from centralized locations.

  As part of a large corporation BJF is financially stable, the integrity of our accounting practices and the protection of

our Partners revenues have been proven over many years.