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BJF Logistics

 Agency Agreement for Non-trading Goods


Responsibilities of the Principal:

1.  The Principal must abide by the Customs Law of the People’s Republic of China and relevant regulations. Otherwise,it must assume the legal liabilities ;

2.  The Principal must timely provide all the documents required for the customs declaration of non-trading goods(including photocopies of ocean bill of lading,delivery order,customs declaration,list of items,ID document and customs and customs cover)and be reponsible for the truthfulmess,correctness and completeness of such documents ;

3.  After the Agent completes the customs declaration procedure,the Principal must timely pay the commission for customs declaration,the expenses advanced by the Agent,the delayed declaration fine and overdue fine incurred due to fault of the Principal,and all kinds of penalty imposed by the customs under law;

4. The Principal shall,together with the Agent,assist the Customs in inspecting the goods,provide cooperation for customs investigation,and cover the pertinent expenses.


The respinsibilites of the Agent:

1. The Agent must abide by the Customs Law of the Peoples Republic of China and relevant regulations. Otherwise,it must assume the legal liabilities;

2.  Upon receiving the documents submitted by the Principal,the Agent should fill out the customs declaration,ensuring that the information filled is true and complete;

3.  The Agent should answer questions raised by the Principal concerning customs declaration;

4.  The Agent should check the documents and certificates provided by the Principal to make sure they are complete and valid;

5.  The Agent should timely notify the Principal to jointly assist the Customs in inspection and cooperate with the Customs in relevant investigations;

6.  The Agent should complete othet assigned by the Principal.